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Put a number  in my ask and I’ll tell you my favourite

  1. Movie
  2. TV Show
  3. Song
  4. Animal
  5. Color
  6. Word
  7. OTP
  8. Candy
  9. Thing to Do 
  10. Quote
  11. Magazine
  12. Holiday
  13. Accent 
  14. Number 
  15. Clothing Store
  16. Season 
  17. Book
  18. Actress 
  19. Actor
  20. Food 
  21. Drink
  22. Letter
  23. Cereal
  24. Fruit 
  25. Band 
  26. Sound
  27. Smell
  28. Country
  29. Person from history
  30. Artist

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Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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You should reblog this if you’re going to Sakura-Con 2014




Cause I’m curious.

I’m going as Kagura (Fairy Tail)~!
And Bee (Bee and Puppycat) on Sunday! :D

I’m going as Princess Yue (atla) and girl in cat kigirumi!! 

There are two Avatar photoshoots happening during Sakura-Con 2014!

Friday 11AM: The official one from Sakura-Con

Saturday 2PM: The one set up by myself and friends who have a group on Facebook.

We would love to see you at the Saturday one since that is a more convenient time for a lot of the Avatar cosplayers.



would it kill photoshop to just paste the thing i cut in the same location like. cmon. where else would i fucking want it half the time i do this to put it on a new layer if i didnt want it to be in the same location i would just MOVE THE SELECTION 


youre welcome


for mac users

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